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    This is my main problem and I have taken dozens of medications to stop the movements or to help me sleep through them.  I stopped most because of the side effects and now want to quit ativan because although I may sleep 8 hours and wake once or twice, the sleep is lousy and I don’t feel much better than if I had just fought through the PLMD all night.  My legs shaking can drive me crazy and the lack of sleep ruins my life, making planning impossible.


    ✘ Not a client

    I have been to 4 sleep doctors and 3 other doctors about this.  I have taken a dozen drugs, up to and including 5 different opiates.  Most people sleep through their PLMD which I was hoping maybe the CBT-I would do.  I am totally despairing about this.


    Martin Reed
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    Sorry to hear about your struggle with PLMD, wantok. Unfortunately, CBT-I techniques aren’t intended to address PLMD. Using CBT-I to address anything other than chronic insomnia is unlikely to be helpful. I wish I could offer you some more advice, but this is outside my area of expertise.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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