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Postpartum insomnia

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    Hello! Firstly I’m glad I found insomnia coach! I came here because my insomnia has ramped up like crazy since I gave birth to my second child a couple months ago. My insomnia actually started for the first time with my first born six years ago. It was bad at first but eventually became manageable. And after that I would only have an episode of insomnia off and on through the years.
    Well, now it’s back. I can only go a couple days and then I’ll have a bad night. Some nights I can sleep peacefully with my son in his bed next to me and other nights I have to leave the room. I just wish I could find the magic formula to regulate myself again. I hate the nights when I need to leave the room, it’s so defeating ( and some nights it doesn’t help that much). Part of my problem is I go to bed knowing he will wake up a couple times through the night, and I struggle not to think about this, but some nights after a couple hours , I realize he’s about to be up in a few, so then I can’t fall asleep.
    So that’s where I’m at and that’s my biggest struggle. I just want some peace of mind so I don’t have to worry about my sleep and can be the best version of myself to be mom!
    Thanks so much!


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    Hello! I can imagine your degree of stress. It’s like sleeping with an alarm that you know is going to wake up. And wake up again and again. Sleeping with an alarm has always increased my anxiety a lot. The situation is quite complicated. First of all, don’t forget that taking naps during the day will make your night much worse. We tend to want to sleep when the baby sleeps, even during the day. If you do, you’re condemning yourself to sleepless nights. If you’ve been awake 18 hours straight during the day, you’ll go to sleep, wake up and fall back to sleep at night with ease. The secret is to accumulate hours of fatigue during the day. And when you wake up at night, don’t look at your watch. Read the posts on this precious forum, here you will have a lot of help. There are other mothers going through this problem.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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