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    It has been six months since I completed Martin’s coaching course and I am once again sleeping well most nights. Prior to the course, I was experiencing sleeplessness and anxiety most nights over a 4 month period. Prior to the course, I was managing by doing what I suspect most people do when experiencing insomnia—trying to take naps, revising my daytime schedule, and worrying throughout the day if I would get sleep that night, going to bed earlier and earlier to “make up” for lost sleep.
    Because of the course, I learned to keep a restricted sleep schedule, growing my time in bed by 15 minute intervals, keeping a worry/joy/gratitude journal, and settling on doing crosswords which help me to wind down. Successes in each of these activities built my confidence and I presently don’t worry about sleeping OR the amount of time I sleep from day to day. I trust that my body will sleep when it needs to and for as long as it needs to . I presently sleep between 7 to 8 hours per night and I am invested in keeping a schedule of going to bed when sleepy, usually 9:30/10 and awakening at 5:30. I continue to have one off or restless nights every couple of weeks, but I mostly have quit wondering why I have them. And they are not sleepless nights but rather nights when I awaken throughout the night. What has helped me tremendously during those nights is the progressive muscle relaxation (PMR) technique that was included in Martin’s course. The goal of PMR is to RELAX not sleep but a side benefit is that I mostly drift off to sleep after employing it. AND I practice it every day.
    The most challenged I have felt in this whole process is to get out of bed after 20 or so minutes when I cannot sleep. I understand the reasons why I should do it but when feeling relaxed, I usually don’t do it.
    Finally, I currently use the 4-7-8 breathing technique to fall asleep and I am even reading in bed before I go to sleep, something I have always enjoyed doing.
    I took great inspiration from a few former students who have said “As long as I sleep, I don’t care how long” and another who says they quit worrying about sleep and just accept that their body will sleep when it needs to. Patience, self care, kindness, and definitely relaxation are key…it is a process that unfolds.
    The difference between how I felt six months ago and how I feel now is remarkable and I credit what I learned from Martin’s course as what made the difference!



    Hey @boylston!

    6 months and still going strong – CONGRATS! Your success story is amazing and you make such valid points that’s helped you restore your sleep.

    Scott J

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    Thank you Scott! I hope you have a nice, healthy holiday.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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