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Sleep anxiety, what to do, scared I’ll die

Insomnia Forum Insomnia Help Sleep anxiety, what to do, scared I’ll die

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    Hello everyone, new to the forum. I’ve been having some sleep anxiety and bad nights of sleep for a few weeks. I recently went on vacation and slept like a rock but now I’m home and my room feels scary and I have panic attacks about sleep. I’m worried I’ll develop fatal insomnia, or not be able to drive, or work or function. It eats away at me and when people sleep before me my anxiety gets worse. I’m worried I’ll never be a good sleeper again. My day is consumed with sleep. I used to look forward to my bed now I’m so scared and I keep analyzing if mediation works or anything else. Guys I feel so scared, idk what to do.


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    This is a common fear among many insomniacs, a fear that your health will get damaged and you end up dying but absolutely nothing can further from the truth! You give your body way less credit than it deserves for its ability to fall asleep. Because the human body is hard-wired for sleep, you can’t damage or alter it in any way even if you wanted to, even if you somehow managed to survive a nuclear blast, your sleep system would still be very much intact and robust. Challenge yourself! Try staying up the whole night, you might get through one night but the second or third night would be impossible, your body’s need for sleep is so great you would crash right into sleeping almost immediately, and you WILL sleep standing up or hung upside down, it doesn’t matter. So this fear of not sleeping is absolutely false, it’s just you being unreasonable and trying to control it when you don’t need nor have any reason to and can’t because nobody can control sleep. It’s a natural phenomenon that just happens. So just get in and out bed at your usual times or a bit later, never modify your current sleep patterns by going to bed earlier or taking medications, you will find that you can sleep, all this fear is way overblown and has been a hoax all along. Best wishes.


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    Same here mate , you are not alone . I am overwhelmed by terror and things get worse everytime i search effects of sleep deprivation on the internet. I hope that things get back to normal. Remember you got a family here , we all through the same .


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    The Fear – Adrenaline – Insomnia – Fear cycle was installed. The more fear, the more adrenaline and the more insomnia. Identify this and be able to break the cycle. That is the goal. And this cycle is only broken with Acceptance of what comes. Don’t value it. When panic starts, tell yourself. Okay, fine, the madness is about to start. And just let it go. Disarm the game. If you stop feeding the fear monster, it stops growing and starves. (using the translator)


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    I’ve been through this the last 3 weeks and it’s been a disaster. Can’t sleep at times and a few hours at others. The only time lately that I’ve been sleeping good is in my recliner and that don’t happen much. I’m at wits end I just turned 50 and going to a graveyard shift has already damaged my body and my mind. Im somniphobic and that has led to depression and anxiety (which I already had before this incident). I have next week off but have a colonoscopy coming up. Im scared out of my mind. I really need sleep, even if it’s a few hours a day. So tired of this.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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