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    Not sure if im doing sleep restriction properly. Im setting a window of between 1am to roughly 7:15 ish every morning give or take 10 minutes. Given my earliest bedtime of 1am should i still only be going to bed once im sleepy after 1am (or if im sleep at 1am). I know we say give yourself the opportunity to sleep at least 5.5 hours. So is it ok to give ourselves the opportunity to get less if we are not sleepy in time to get the full 5.5 hours? I know eventually that sr makes it so you are kinda sleepy nearer the start of your sleep window but what about the arousal system continually stopping you from feeling sleepy til later? In addition if we feel sleepy before heading to bed but still cant get a decent unbroken sleep is that the arousal/conditioning at play still? Whats your thoughts on all of this


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    If you have a sleep window of 1:00 AM to 7:15 AM, then you are giving yourself the opportunity to get six hours and 15 minutes of sleep. Regardless of what happens at night, it can be helpful to ensure you are always out of bed by 7:15 AM — even if you have a night of no sleep whatsoever. This keeps sleep drive high, to help with sleep the following night.

    If you go to bed and don’t fall asleep then conditions aren’t right for sleep to happen at that time. For people with chronic insomnia, that’s often because they aren’t sleepy enough for sleep, they are putting effort into sleep, they are putting pressure on themselves to sleep, and/or they are trying to fight/avoid all the difficult thoughts and feelings that usually like to come along for the ride!

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Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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