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    Sleep study at sleep clinic, cost $3112.00 USD in California. Although I was very relaxed and looking forward to getting some answers, for some reason I could not sleep during the study, ended up taking 2 Ambien and still felt like I did not sleep at all. You are hooked up to a lot of wires and they’d like you to sleep in different positions (back, and sides)  I slept enough for the doctor to get some data.

    The good news is I have no sleep apnea and once I’m asleep hardly any arousals, maybe better than normal. But I do spend too much time in Stage 1 sleep and not enough in restorative deep sleep. Which is something that many people have posted here, they feel like they have not really slept, stay in stage 1 for a longer time than average. So technically the doctor was correct in that I am sleeping more than I think I am, however what good is it if I don’t feel refreshed?

    Except for last night I had 4 very good nights of sleep in a row, but the doctor said not to get discouraged. However he did say that this will be a lifetime process, and to not stop practicing good sleep hygiene and stimulus control even if I start to feel better. This I did not realize this would be a way of life, I thought I’d just go back to what once was normal. Oh well, hope this is useful for someone.

Viewing 16 post (of 16 total)

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