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    Hello Everyone,

    I'm sorry I haven't been in touch for a while. Have been doing battle with the dreaded depression and haven't felt like communicating much.

    Needless to say depression exacerbates insomnia (and vice versa) so my sleeping has been virtually non existant.

    In desperation I dug out my Sleep Tracks program and decided to give it a red hot go. One of the reasons I had not used it properly before was because the earphones annoyed me and my mp3 player did not have a repeat option.

    So I ordered SleepPhones which are a pair of soft speakers inside a headband which you can also put over your eyes to block out light if you like. If you want to have a look at them here is the link

    Then I bought a small lightweight mp3 player with a repeat function.

    Sleep Tracks has a range of tracks you can use to help in getting to sleep, staying asleep, having a powernap, anxiety ease etc.

    I really only use the Whole Night track so that I can just put it on repeat and forget about it. I just plug the sleepphones into the mp3 player and put it under my pillow. Usually over the top of the pillow so this minimises the liklihood of getting tangled up in the wires if you turn over. I have found that this works pretty well for me. I still wake up and usually turn over a few times, but I go back to sleep pretty quickly. I have been doing this for probably about 6 weeks now and have found I haven't needed to take a pill for at least a month.

    Anyway, this morning I got an email from Sleep Tracks saying they are having a Black Friday sale of their program for this weekend only. So I thought if anyone was thinking of trying the program they might like to take advantage of this offer. This is the link for the special deal. When I bought it, they offered a 60 day money back guarantee and I think this still applies.

    If you just want to have a look at the program here is the link but don't order it from there or you will pay twice as much. Hope this may be helpful to some of you.

    For those who don't know about me I have been a chronic insomnia sufferer for over 40 years, so if this helps me it might help you. Good Luck!

    And keep up the good work Martin, just knowing this site exists is a great comfort. I think one of the worst side effects of insomnia is the feeling of isolation from the rest of the humanity and feeling like no one understands.

    This community takes that feeling away and that is priceless!!


    ✘ Not a client

    And I want to say “amen!” to those final two paragraphs, Dozydame!! 😀


    Martin Reed
    ★ Admin

    Thanks for bringing this to the community's attention, DozyDame! Generally, it looks as though Sleep Tracks is well regarded amongst many members of Insomnia Land.

    As for this community existing, I play a very small part in that – it's Insomnia Land's members that keep the community going. If you guys stop visiting and contributing, the project will fail – so thank YOU!

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Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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