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    So as previously mentioned, I have tried “everything” in my quest to defeat insomnia — pills, therapy, acupuncture, meditation, yoga, etc.

    I saw Sleep Tracks mentioned on here by someone else, but was reluctant to try it because it sounded similar to Pzizz, which I already tried and found not to work. Both are mp3s that supposedly induce sleep by tricking your brainwaves into sleep patterns — but the difference is that Pzizz uses binaural beats, and Sleep Tracks use isochronic tones. I'm not really sure what that means — I looked it up on wikipedia, but it was too much science gobbledygook for me to understand. Whatever the case, isochronic tones are supposedly more effective than binaural beats at “training” your brain to follow normal sleep patterns.

    I finally went ahead and ponied up the $70 for Sleep Tracks, mainly because they offer a full 90-day refund if it doesn't prove effective. I've been using them for about four weeks now…and I hesitate to say this for fear of jinxing myself, but I think they actually work!

    My problem has always been staying asleep — I fall asleep initially very easily, but wake up after 2-4 hours and then can't fall back into deep sleep. Since I started using Sleep Tracks, I've been getting about 5-6 hours initially, and then dozing a couple hours more after that. It's still not as good as I USED to sleep…but it's better! And I am not using any sleep meds (other than medical marijuana, for which I have a prescription).

    When you order the Sleep Tracks, you get several downloads. I listen to the Insomnia Buster (no voice) track at some point during the afternoon — a 22-minute process where you have to lay down somewhere quiet, and relax with eyes shut while listening. Kind of an inconvenience, but also kind of a nice “nap”-like experience for those of us who can't take real naps.

    Then at night, I was running the 1-hour “Whole Night” track on a loop on my iPad beside my bed. It basically just makes white noise, and after a few weeks I no longer use it as I don't notice it making much difference.

    The best thing I've found about the Sleep Tracks is that when you order them, you get a TON of VERY USEFUL, FASCINATING sleep info in the form of instructional videos. I've spent hours and hours researching sleep and sleep disorders, but these videos contained a lot of very interesting new information that I'd never heard of or thought of. I feel like watching these changed my attitude and perception toward sleep, which also probably helped.

    Also, the owner of Sleep Tracks is super cool and responded to my feedback email right away, with a lengthy reply that addressed my specific concerns. I was very impressed by this!

    In summary: I considered my insomnia to be super-hardcore and untreatable…but this actually helped, without my having to take more g.d. pills and pharmaceutical bullsh*t. I heartily recommend trying this — the money-back guarantee means that you have nothing to lose.


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    Thanks for the info. I will check it out!


    Martin Reed
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    Thanks for sharing! Do let us know how you get on in the long term with this – are you listening to the tracks each night now, or just when you struggle to fall asleep?

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    ✘ Not a client

    When ordering Sleep Tracks, you get three different mp3s:

    1. The Insomnia Buster track (which is NOT designed to make you fall asleep — you're supposed to listen to it during the day at some point, and it “trains” your brain to fall asleep later). This is the 20-minute relaxation-type thing I was talking about.

    2. The Whole Night track, basically white noise which you can play on a loop all night.

    3. The Fall Asleep track, which IS meant to make you fall asleep if you have difficulty doing so.

    I don't have trouble falling asleep initially, so I've just been using the Insomnia Buster each day in the afternoon. I still wake up in the middle of the night, though, and am unable to fall back into restful sleep…even if I'm running the Whole Night track. So I gave up on using that track, and just use the one in the afternoon.

    I have tried using the Fall Asleep track when I wake in the middle of the night…but that doesn't help me reach deeper sleep, either.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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