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    I was sleeping ok all my life, and before 3-4 months i had sleepless night before big event, than again before next event, again and again, but when i was having free next day, i sleep well until one
    night when i didnt sleep at all even when my next day was free. I started to fear so much so insomnia took away the life from me, and i found myself not enjoing in anything anymore. Last 6 weeks was awful for me, one day i sleep ok, the next day or two, 0 to 2-3 hours.
    I am new to CBT-i, i implement Sleep Restriction for seven days, my sleep window starts at 00:00 and ends at 06:00. I dont know how much i sleep on average before but i take it short way with short window, to get results quicker.

    Its really challenging, and i i sleep less, i feel EXTREMLY sleepy all day, especialy 1 hour before my sleep window starts, my head nod off 3-4 times in my buffer time, and when sleep window start, i am not sleepy at all anymore. So my anxiety is all over the top.
    The last seven days i sleep 0 hours, next days 5-6, next day 3 hours, next day , next day 0, next day 5, next day 6, next day 2 hours. So i dont know what to do, i am seeing good psyholigist and day or two after a session i sleep like i baby and i am happy, my apetite is back, once the fears starts in the back of my head and bad night happen, i am strugling all over again.

    Does i even have chronic insomnia, or this is just a period, i am really strugling with sleep window and is so hard. 🙁
    I hope we’re all good!


    Martin Reed
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    What you are experiencing is not unusual at all! First of all, you might want to make the hour before your sleep window begins the last time you check the time at night and allow yourself to go to bed whenever you feel sleepy enough for sleep.

    It’s also OK to be awake at night — everyone spends time awake. It’s a normal part of sleep! So, if you are awake in bed, that’s OK! I would suggest simply allowing that wakefulness to exist for as long as you feel comfortable.

    If that wakefulness starts to feel unpleasant, you might want to do something that helps make being awake a bit more pleasant instead, until you feel sleepy again.

    As human beings, we experience a lot of thoughts, feelings, and emotions. Some feel good and some do not. We just cannot control this part of being a human being. What we can control are our actions — and that’s important because it’s our actions that decide whether we move toward the kind of life we want to live, or away from the kind of life we want to live.

    If we can continue to do things during the day — no matter how small — that help us move toward the kind of life we want to live, even after difficult nights and even in the presence of difficult thoughts, feelings, and emotions, the struggles we face in life might start to have less of an influence over us.

    When we free ourselves from the struggle, we might start to sleep better, too.

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Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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