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    I don’t sleep because i think i’m not going to . So i lay there and it gets worse till i am up all night. This happened last night. Now I am in a state of panic. I have chronic anxiety


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    Hi Noel,

    Check out The Sleep Book by Guy Meadows. It’s based on a therapy called ACT, and focuses on reducing anxiety so that you can sleep. It’s the anxiety itself that is keeping you awake. On the thread, ACT for Insomnia, some of us are practicing this. I completely recovered from insomnia by using this method.

    There’s also CBT-I for insomnia, another therapy. Martin from this website is an expert on this and explains the therapy here on this website and is a great coach if you want to try this method.

    You don’t have to suffer. Get some help!


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    What you are going through is typical. Follow Deb’s post and learn about techniques that can help you to reduce your worries about sleep.
    Meanwhile do the following: when you go to bed, don’t aim to sleep. Just go to your bed with intention to rest. Imagine how great it will be to spend a night resting and not worrying about sleep. Imagine how refreshed you will be in the morning after struggle-free sleepless night compared to a morning after a night full of struggles. Don’t force yourself to sleep, don’t expect sleep to come, don’t try to distract yourself from being awake, just rest. In other words do not have expectations beside expectation to rest peacefully all night while being awake. See if you can do it for couple weeks and get any results. At the very least you may notice that your sleep related worries will start to subside.

    And maintain reasonable sleep window, do not try to compensate for bad night by going to bed next night too early.


    Martin Reed
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    Hello Noel

    As I am sure you have experienced, when you go through a stretch of poor sleep, you are far more likely to sleep better on a subsequent night. That’s because sleep drive gets stronger with every passing minute of wakefulness. So, a night of no sleep (or very little sleep) means that sleep drive will be very strong and this increases the likelihood of sleep the following night.

    You can use this sleep drive to your advantage by only allowing yourself to sleep during a predetermined sleep window. This will help consolidate sleep and lead to more consistent sleep. As this occurs, you will start to regain confidence in your ability to sleep, and this will reduce your sleep-related worry and anxiety.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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