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    I have struggled with sleep for many years. I have tried numerous “natural” sleep aids but am still dissatisfied. There are SO many sleep aids available, as you probably know. A lot claim to be “best”. I think it is really an individual matter. You read the reviews. Some rate it very highly, while others do not. So you are left confused. I think we are very “individual” as to our problems in getting sleep. Some of us have chronic ailments, others have stress, anxiety, depression or a myriad of issues that may be interfering with getting proper sleep. I usually try various sleep aids, always with a money back guarantee, that usually get pretty high overall ratings as a rule, but I am still looking. I am 60 years old. Up until age 50 I slept pretty well. But over the last ten years, sleep has been a struggle for me. I am thinking of taking the course mentioned on here, as I am starting to get desperate. I suffer from a variety of chronic ailments, including chronic fatigue syndrome, adrenal fatigue, and several autoimmune disorders. Prescription medication for sleep has been a disaster for me and I have given that up completely. I wonder just what they put in that stuff! I have learned a lot about what should be in a good natural sleep supplement, but I still do not have consistent restful sleep. I was just wondering what you use and recommend. I will still keep buying and trying…hoping one day to hit on something that works “for me”. Thanks.



    It’s not too surprising that you haven’t found any sleeping pills or OTC supplements to work for the long term since they really don’t tackle the root causes of insomnia – our thoughts and behaviors towards our sleep issue. Secondly, pills and supplements simply can’t generate natural sleep. The cycle we get ourselves into with pills is if we take a pill and we are able to sleep well that night, then we believe the pill resolved our insomnia/sleep issues. If we continue to take a specific pill or a new pill and it doesn’t work, then our anxiety increases and we wonder if something is really wrong with us. As we get older, the amount of sleep we need is reduced. On average, how many hours of sleep are achieving at night? The best determination for the amount of sleep you need is how you’re feeling the next day. If you’ve been exploring sleep aids for some time without consistent results, should you consider a different strategy?

    Scott J

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Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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