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    I have been trying to adopt the methods of Martin Reed and have been very encouraged, they make a lot of sense. However I am currently experiencing another sleepless night and I don’t understand what’s wrong. I have been feeling a lot less anxious during the day and before bed, and tonight I got very sleepy, yet when I went to bed full sleep just wouldn’t come. I guess I just wish I was further along already by this point. I first started struggling a month and a half ago. One thing that is probably important to mention is that I enjoy having a few drinks at night, and on the days I have had successful sleep, I think alcohol has been part of what has helped, because once I tried to stop drinking the sleep issues have resurfaced. Also I find it nearly impossible not to nap during the day, but I have reduced the time that I take to nap. I used to nap for 45-60 minutes per day after lunch. Now I only allow myself 20 minutes. Thanks in advance for any feedback.


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    Hello @winston!
    Unfortunately nothing here constitutes a permanent cure for insomnia. Because there is none! Nobody, including Martin himself, is claiming once you are sleeping well or continue to do cbti religiously, sleepless nights will never happen to you again. Such a claim would be an outrageous and outright lie. If you can’t sleep, then it means just that, you can’t sleep for that particular night only. It doesn’t mean your future nights are doomed. No further explanation is needed and it is pointless searching for one because it only makes you miserable dwelling on the past and continue living in fear for the future.

    Perhaps what you need is a change in mindset and attitude. Try to forget about your past and begin every night on a fresh page with no expectation or attachment to any outcome. Continue to wake up at the same time every day, go on your business as usual (you may find you can be just as productive) and going to bed at the same time. That’s really all you can do, the rest is up to your body. Good luck.


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    It sure can feel mysterious — and yet, there’s never any mystery when it comes to nighttime wakefulness!

    If sleep isn’t happening, then conditions aren’t right for sleep to happen at that time. This could be because you aren’t sleepy enough for sleep or (perhaps more likely) you are putting effort into sleep, putting pressure on yourself to sleep, or trying to fight the thoughts and feelings that often come with nighttime wakefulness.

    With sleep, the more we try, the more we get tangled up in a struggle.

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    The bottomline is perfect sleep isn’t the cure. A change in mindset is. Ultimately, you want to reach a stage where you don’t lose sleep over sleep anymore, or couldn’t be bothered even if you did. You’ve become indifferent to a night of poor sleep and it doesn’t register in your mind that something is wrong or needed fixing. And you just know, from experience, constantly asking questions or actively seeking quick fixes, is probably futile and only distracts you from enjoying your life in the present moment. Good luck!


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    Thank you all for your replies. Sleep has been better, I slept really well last night. As you all said, I’m trying not to try, not too concern myself too much. When I’m tired enough, I do sleep, and I see that clearly now. Thank you again!

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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