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    Nick Hobbs
    ✓ Client

    Dear All,
    I am posting to encourage you all to persist. Before doing this course I had zero confidence that if I was triggered or felt hyperaroused about sleep that I could respond to this situation effectively. So I didn’t. I had a handful of strategies that sometimes helped if I was lucky. Now one month on I sleep with confidence. And I sleep well.

    CBTi has been a game changer. It works. The first 4 weeks of the course were patchy and hard, my sleep got worse not better. But I turned a corner and I have never looked back.
    For me there were two things in particular.
    1. Sleep pressure – its so simple yet so effective. This simple act of committing to a 5.5 hour sleep window for 8 weeks brought tiredness back into my life with remarkable regularity. I urge you to stick at it.
    2. Acceptance – to allow my sleep to disappear or be broken without adding more concern or putting more pressure upon myself. Instead I worked on my attitude of enjoying my day regardless; focusing on what I enjoyed and making wakefulness rather than sleeping the focus of my concern – was my day meaningful and valuable, independent of sleep quality? I accepted that sleep is there and sometimes its not. In one month I have had one sleepless night. So what. I am not concerned as I now know that if things kick off I just go back to a sleep window and wait for sleep pressure to do its magic. I have woken up in the night, so what…its normal. I am not concerned, therefore I sleep. It’s a subtle shift in attitude, to drop the struggle, but so important. Because with sleepiness and acceptance of what is without judgement I have seen the return of confidence that I can deal with things effectively when they arise, and they will. Confidence that I can sleep is gold. I used to use earplugs for ten years but now I don’t. I never expected that!

    Thanks Martin!


    ✘ Not a client

    I wish i could afford the course presently can’t. So ill continue seeking free cbti suggestions.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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