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    So I’ve improved my onset times pretty well but am having quite a few awakenings during the night that end up stressing me out, which probably leads to more mid-night and early awakenings. Is it normal for this to happen early in the SRT process?


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    Awakenings during the night are common for all mammals. Some don’t notice it, some do. If you are tired enough because you set the sleep window low enough, you’ll get back to sleep again, most times I think.


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    Hi everyone, have just been reading through all the posts and have been very encouraged by them. I’ve been having sleep problems for about 25 years now – battling to go to sleep, waking in the early hours and taking about two hours to go back to sleep and waking up too early. I stumbled onto Martin’s website after seeing a program on TV about sleep restriction and doing some searching on the internet. I signed up for his free course and am now in the fourth week of implementing the strategies. I didn’t have enough courage to set the sleep window that I should have (I made it longer) but I did start to see improvements – falling asleep very quickly, getting a much better quality sleep and going back to sleep quickly after waking up during the night. Friday, Sunday and Monday nights had great sleep and felt fantastic yesterday and was starting to get very excited about my progress and last night woke at 2.40 am and couldn’t go back to sleep (I have a clock because if I wake and don’t know the time it causes me too much stress). Felt a bit despondent this morning but after reading the posts and realising that I will still have bad nights in amongst the good ones I am happier. I didn’t practise SC because it would have meant going from an airconditioned room to a stinking hot lounge (I live in the southern hemisphere) and that might have kept me awake. I will definitely keep on persevering though because I now know that I CAN sleep.


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    Question: since I am dealing with intensive sleep anxiety, am I supposed to leave my bed (SC) during the sleep window as soon as it sets in? Or do I try to go through the 30 minutes whatever level of anxiety I have? I think it is the former (go directly out of bed if anxiety stays) – but since this could go on and on – when will I be in bed in order to have a chance to sleep, if my anxiety sets in when the head touches the pillow??


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    Please don’t try to do this on your own. Sign up for the course if you can, it’s so worth it!
    SC is tough, and I think 15 to 20 minutes is more like it. I would stay in bed longer if I felt Sleep was possible. It did work for me, and yes some nights I was up and down several times.


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    I did the course and it worked. But now I am in a deep hole again, my anxiety is higher than befoe. So I wondering how to proceed during my SW when anxiety strikes.

Viewing 6 posts - 406 through 411 (of 411 total)

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