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    Michael Hawes
    ✓ Client

    Not long ago I was where probably most of you are now; zombie-like, insane with anxiety, not knowing up from down, right from wrong; sleep being something I only dreamt about when I could actually get some, as little as it was. The story goes on but YOU’RE aware of that. Best (or worse?) part of all this is I was a Hypnotherapist! No amount of ‘self hypnosis’ or any of the plethora of other techniques I was familiar with did ‘diddly squat’ for my chronic insomnia. In fact some of them actually made it worse — if possible.

    Fast forward a few months and it’s like it never happened! I now get 8 hours of ‘dreamy sleep’. More or less if I desire. I actually sleep better now than I can remember. CBT-I is/can be a life saver if you, like Nike puts it, “Just do it!” Not that I wear or care about Nike. But I do care about my sanity. And through CBT-I I’ve regained it. It ain’t necessarily easy but it works. And it works well. No doctor visits. No drugs. No nonsense. No excuses. Just results.

    All you need is a computer/tablet/smart phone and the desire to be ‘reasonably’ normal. And no, it ain’t free. Actually it can be. The Insomnia Coach offers a free two week (I think) course that very well may work for you. You owe it to your sanity to at least try that. But whatever you do look seriously into CBT-I; Cognitive Behavioral Therapy for Insomnia. And coming from a former therapist CBT-I may be the only therapy that actually works for chronic insomnia.

    “May the (sleep) force be with you!”


    ✘ Not a client

    Hi Michael!

    How nice to read this! I already said here in this forum, that I spent more or less the value of an apartment on treatments for insomnia. Expensive therapies, Cepaps, Hospitalizations, miracle drugs, etc… Anyway, an arsenal of things that only increased my wrong beliefs about sleep and increased my futile efforts to sleep better. 20 years of money, time and unhappiness and sleepless nights. Asked to die to at least sleep the eternal sleep of death. And CBTi in a few weeks saved my life. It was not easy. I suffered with RS and lack of faith, as I no longer believed that anything would work. But today I am free. I sleep soundly, between 6.5 and 7 hours a night. I never imagined this was possible without medications. I am so grateful to this forum and to Martin who has given me a quality of life that I never imagined possible. (sorry for english)


    ✘ Not a client

    You two are very encouraging to me. I’m in the middle of week three and although my sleep has not gotten better (I am slowly tapering off Ambien), mentally I’m not fearing my bed/bedroom/making plans for the next day/wakefulness.
    I trust my body will eventually figure it out like Martin says and sleep pressure will overtake me.


    Michael Hawes
    ✓ Client

    Hello, God’s kid.

    It was around the third week ( I think ) that my sleep did start to noticeably improve, perhaps earlier. However I wasn’t withdrawing from Ambien or any other ‘drug’ so it became easier, at least for me. I did buy every OTC/supplement that had the word ‘sleep’ printed on it. You should see the box I’ve accumulated! I could resell it all and take a weeks vacation anywhere in the world! And, of course, none of the ‘supposed’ sleep aids worked. They might work somewhat for someone that didn’t have chronic insomnia. Not anyone here!

    So keep on keepin’ on with the program. I wouldn’t think Martin would offer your money back after completing the course, as directed, if your sleep does not improve — or he’d go bankrupt! And just think about all the sleep he’d loose over that!

    ( Just kidding, Martin ;-))


    ✘ Not a client

    Thank you for your encouragement! So glad to hear you made it out . My time is coming!

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