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    ✓ Client

    I am very grateful for the lessons I learned and the practices I have implemented since I graduated from Martin’s CBT-I course this past June. Many of the graduates characterize their sleep in similar ways–they have more consistent “on” nights, sleeping more hours that leave them feeling refreshed with occasional “off” nights during which they may not get as much sleep or the quality is not as good. All recommend being patient. I can report that having patience is key as is relaxing and trying not to focus too much on sleep in day-to-day living.
    My insomnia began during the Covid months and after I retired my fulltime job and began working a much reduced schedule. My winddown activities of making lunch for the next day’s work, ironing my work outfits etc. disappeared. It was not until I replaced them with newfound relaxing activities and NOT worrying about whether or not I would sleep at night that I began to sleep again. Many nights were fitful but I did not let that affect my activities the next day. I did not experience “on” nights right away but with patience and encouragement from some members of this forum, I am sleeping mostly ~6.5 to ~7.5 hours per night. Right now, I have one “off” night on a weekly basis but I don’t try to unpack why that is, accepting that I will sleep well the next night.
    Prior to taking Martin’s course, I was so anxious and obsessed with why I couldn’t sleep, feeling like I would never sleep well again. All told, I don’t think about it during my day any longer and am continuing to work on not worrying about those occasional “off” nights. Que sera, sera is my mantra at this point. Getting back on track has been a process for me during which I have depended on patience, self-care, a consistent wake-up time, and a good sense of humor. I am grateful for this forum and for Martin’s course!



    Hi @boylston,

    Thanks for sharing your success story! I think you sum up some of the core elements of being successful with CBT-I techniques in this sentence, “I can report that having patience is key as is relaxing and trying not to focus too much on sleep in day-to-day living.” Great job restoring your sleep and best wishes as you move foward!

    Scott J

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    ✓ Client

    Thank you Scott, I appreciate your encouragement!


    ✘ Not a client

    Hello, would you recommend this program? I just joined this forum and it’s nice to hear straight on from clients. Thanks for your time!


    ✓ Client

    Hi Polly,
    I absolutely recommend it. I was so thrown by insomnia and was very invested in trying something that did not involve using medications. It was well worth the investment of time and money and Martin is terrific. This program is a process and the 8 weeks did not result in my sleeping well during and after completing but as time has gone by, I am so much better and feel rested most days of the week. And, when I don’t, I know why…a tense day, worries, or generally just having an off night. CBT-I is the best course of treatment for insomnia and Martin’s approach with the 8 weeks of guidance and the videos and the forum worked very well for me.
    Good luck Polly, I hope this is helpful!


    ✘ Not a client

    That does help! I just feel like I sign up for things and then it’s not what I was expecting. I have listened to most of Martin’s podcasts and it’s amazing how many peoples stories sound exactly like mine! Appreciate you taking the time to reply! Hope you have a wonderful day!


    ✓ Client

    Certainly, I am happy to take the time. I found comfort reading several articles about CBT-I, one is from The Guardian in which a doctor recommends “faking it until you make it.” This doctor emphasizes that insomnia is not going to damage your health and, like Martin, emphasizes living your life, not focusing on how little sleep you get. The testimonials on Martin’s website are affirming as well. Finally, I cannot emphasize the value of self care and being patient. Love yourself during this process, it helps!


    ✓ Client

    Great insight! Thanks for sharing. Learning to develop a good working relationship with poor sleep is key to recovery.

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