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    It’s 4:08am. Still no sleep. I thought I was getting back on tra k with my sleep, and this happens. The perimenopause has been an issue lately. Is this why I can’t sleep??


    Martin Reed
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    Sorry to hear about your struggles, Pam. First of all, please try to avoid going online during the night when you are unable to sleep. Using a computer/phone/tablet/laptop, etc stimulates the mind and tells it that it’s time to be awake, rather than asleep. Furthermore, the light emitted by these devices can suppress melatonin, an important sleep hormone that helps regulate your sleep/wake cycle.

    Hormonal changes can definitely have a negative impact on sleep. The key to preventing these problems from becoming entrenched is to work at not implementing compensatory behaviors such as going to bed earlier, staying in bed later, canceling plans with friends, calling in sick to work, etc — because these actually end up making sleep worse.

    As sleep becomes worse, we worry about sleep even more and this triggers a vicious cycle of ever-worsening sleep and ever-increasing worry.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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