Vernal and Autumnal insomnia possible?

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    I was wondering if anyone else here has noticed that they have the most problems when the amount of daylight is changing the greatest?

    For me, when the days are changing their sun length the most seem to coincide with insomnia for me.

    I googled it and didn't find a single entry anywhere. Is this unique? Or maybe it's coincident with some sort of allergy-producing source that just happens in March and October?


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    I am surprised you didn't find any link to insomnia and daylight changes – many studies have found a link between light exposure and insomnia. As for specific season changes, I think these affect people differently – some find the dark winters difficult, others find lengthy daylight hours make sleep nigh-on impossible.

    Hopefully we'll get some other members share their thoughts on this one. I'll give this topic a mention in the next insomniac bulletin as I think this is really interesting and something work examining more closely.

    Thanks for getting it started.


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    It's not so much the link between light exposure as it is to the CHANGE in amount of daily light that's the problem. When the delta change is the greatest is my time of sleeping problems.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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