Vitamin D deficiency causing insomnia?

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    A friend was prescribed melatonin and pharmaceutical-grade Vitamin D3 to help with a health problem…and she told me it helped her sleep better. So I did some research online, and found a bunch of stuff touting Vitamin D3 as a miracle cure. Apparently, many people don't even realize how D3-deficient they are.

    Has anyone tried this therapy?

    I'm still on the merry-go-round of trying to find a “cure,” so this is my next stop. I've been trying CBT and relaxation for the last 6 months or so, to little effect. As of now, the only thing that has worked for me at all is medical marijuana…but I don't want to bake my brains forever 🙂


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    Several years ago I was diagnosed with pretty bad osteoporosis, and my doctor has had me on mega-doses of D3, among other things. But it has had no effect on helping me with my insomnia problems. D3 is very good for lots of things, but I don't think sleep is necessarily one of them. Still, if it works for your friend, who knows — everyone is different, and trial-and-error is certainly a big part of dealing with insomnia. It just may be the miracle cure for you too! 🙂


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    I had a blood test done, that showed my vitamin D levels were on the low side but not severely low, so I started taking vitamin D3 800-1200 iu's daily. This has gone on for approximately 2 weeks and I have not noticed any appreciable differences in my sleep. Apparently Vitamin D dificiency is associated with a number of diseases, including insomnia, according to this article _ . Please spend a few minutes and read this article, because the information contained gives specific remedies for people with insomnia. It would great if we are able to find something that will help us sleep normally again. Thank you for the topic Wonderhussy


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    I've been taking large doses of Vitamin D3 with no improvement. What I've heard is that both Vitamin B complex and magnesium improves sleep. I now take both with no help at all. However, I have a friend who swears by Vitamin B and magnesium. She had a terrible time with insomnia and after taking both is sleeping like a baby. I guess what works for one doesn't necessarily work for the other. I do believe that anything is worth trying and I'm always looking for new miracles.


    Martin Reed
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    I wonder if this has any connection to seasonal sleep problems and the influence of the sun – since sunlight helps the body produce Vitamin D, people who get less of it tend to have more issues with sleep (and overall help) than others.

    'sleeplessinky' wrote on '08:

    I've been taking large doses of Vitamin D3 with no improvement. What I've heard is that both Vitamin B complex and magnesium improves sleep.

    Magnesium has cropped up a few times when I've been researching articles for the blog. Do keep us updated with any effects of your vitamin regimen!

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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