what should you do if you wake up too early and can't go back to sleep?

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    No matter how much I restrict my bed time or how little sleep I get I always wake up during the night.

    Most of the time I fall asleep after 2-20 mins but now and then I just can’t fall back to sleep. Today I woke up about 1.5hrs early and I am going to be exhausted most of the day now I missed that sleep.


    What should I do when I wake up early and can’t fall asleep?

    Do I just get up and start my day? Would this create furthet disruptions to my sleep?

    If I get up early will it cause me to wake up and stay awake more often?


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    Oh also the days when I do fall asleep I don’t get a restorative amount of sleep as it is so on the days where I can’t fall back to sleep its even worse.


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    It’s Sunday, a day to rest and enjoy, but I’m up since 5 a.m. (from 23:30) so I have an exhausting day in front of me.

    I’m just writing to give my support, since I have no idea what to do myself. They say get up immediately, but I’m sceptical towards all that. I think these things will either pass on their own or they won’t.

    Good luck.


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    Welcome to the forum, yawning — and thank you for the great question!

    The short answer is if you can’t fall back to sleep when you wake then you should get out of bed until you feel sleepy again. If you wake close to your alarm time and can’t fall back to sleep, then it’s usually best to just get the day started.

    When do you normally go to bed at night? Is there a certain time during the night when you wake and find it hard to fall back to sleep? When do you normally get out of bed in the morning? How much sleep do you get on a typical night?

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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