What to do when not feeling tired or sleepy until 3 hours before wake up.

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      So I’ve been struggling now for 3 years with shallow sleep and had this confirmed through a sleep study, about 3 months ago I decided to keep a journal of my day and night sleep quality
      for this time period I never took any sleep aids just went to bed naturally and for the 3 months nothing changed the journal basically consisted of the same day repeating over and over again.

      Eventually I gave up the journaling as it was providing no answers and now am taking 2.5 mg of melatonin an hour before bed, this has minor results sure I get a little more rest and light sleep but rarely if ever get deep sleep. Another thing is that when I get into bed at 1:00 am I am not tired or even close to sleepy and feel like I should get up but most times don’t but am wondering if it’s a good idea because I only begin to feel sleepy at about 6:00 am which is
      3 hours before my wake up time of 9:00 am the problem is that when I finally begin to sleep
      at 6 I almost always sleep past the wake up time by a hour or even more.

      Could this be a delayed sleep clock because the people at the sleep clinic said they would get back to me which they never did, my Dr told me it was because they couldn’t sell me a Cpap machine because the results showed I never had sleep apnea, my Dr is very straight forward as I don’t beat around the bush with what I think about sleep clinics but besides that what should someone who only begins feeling sleepy 3 hours before their wake up time do because I
      feel the light shallow sleep is a detriment and not of much benefit and is keeping me stuck in
      a cycle but also if I basically pull an all nighter it’s like I get physical symptoms and it actually
      does not result in feeling sleepy the next day probably due to the stress hormones in the body.

      I feel as though I’ve tried everything imaginable like for the 3 month period of journaling I had an approach of not thinking or making an issue of my sleep and abandoning all sleep efforts, but like I already mentioned the result after 3 months was minimal basically the same shallow unrefreshing sleep night after night, I should also mention that in the past I had gotten over this before and it was from going many nights with next to no sleep and feeling awful for days on end until eventually I would begin to feel sleepy during the middle of the day, problem is back when that happened I was so wired at night that I wasn’t really getting much sleep at all
      where as now I am getting shallow light sleep but it’s been this way for like 3 years this is so absurd and makes no sense it’s as if my body/brain has said this shallow sleep you’re getting that’s good enough to keep you alive and anything that I’ve tried has had minimal results including practicing doing absolutely nothing for 3 months until it was impossible not to notice that nothing had changed.

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        i have a question for u and it is simply this prior to 2023 did u have problems with your sleep being shallow??

        how would u describe your sleep regiment prior to 2023 ??

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          Yes I’ve been struggling for 3 years that’s since 2021 getting light shallow sleep and tried many things including sleep restriction and now not making an issue of my sleep which isn’t doing much either.

          My sleep regimen prior to 2023 consisted mostly of sleep restriction approach where during the day I would be active and I practiced meditation to burn off stress hormones, at night I would wind down for an hour or so and go to bed, my sleep window was 6 hours there were a few times I got sleep but they were few and far between.

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            thanks for your reply. my sleep window is 6 hours from 11pm to 5 am. i have only been at it for a couple of weeks, sometimes i get good sleep in that window, sometimes i wake up at around 3 am or so, dont really know as i dont have any clocks to look at (martins advise).

            sometimes i can fall back to sleep most times i can not. i am not stressed out by it but feel awake to the point that i know i am not going to fall back to sleep, so i just get up and start my day really early. days are a tough go for sure !

            when u had your sleep window the same as mine 6 hours how long did u stay on that window and can u tell me what your experience was like on it ie trouble falling asleep or wake ups etc et


          Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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