100% cured from postpartum insomnia :)

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      Cindy also shared a lot of good stuff in our podcast discussion: How Cindy tackled the insomnia that appeared after her baby was born by accepting nighttime wakefulness and eliminating safety behaviors (#31)

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        Hello may I ask if you managed to get our of this postpartum insomnia crisis?
        I am currently having the exact same problem as you and Cindy.

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          Hi Yzzjoanna,

          Not sure if your post was to me or not, but figured I’d check in anyway 😊 I am now 17 months postpartum, and most nights I’m sleeping great. I don’t even have to think about falling asleep, I just do. It was a long road, and for the first year the only thing that helped me was ambien (doctor approved with breastfeeding as it was already out of my system by the time I needed to nurse in the morning). As soon as I weaned off breastfeeding at 11 months, and my hormones started to get back to normal, things started to improve. Cindy’s video/interview was so helpful to me in those early days!! I recommend watching if you haven’t already! You are totally normal!! Even though it’s not talked about, a lot of moms deal with this.

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            Thank you for checking in!! 🙂

            It’s really comforting to know that one day I don’t have to think about sleep or have any sleep related anxiety. Its really annoying and always ping-ing in the background. It’s like i think of sleep worries all day long…. God…to an extent I think I’m crazy. I kept telling myself to live in the present but to be honest it is really hard. I’m still 11 weeks postpartum, such a long way to go…

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              Hello and best wishes. It was very promising. Thanks for sharing the ideas and methods provided

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                Aw I totally understand Yzzjoanna! I was the exact same and could focus on nothing else. I felt crazy too. I spent so much time searching the internet to try and find other moms like me! And don’t feel like it will take a year like it did with me! I saw other moms who were back to sleeping normally much much sooner than that! I think I was a special case 🤣 One thing I loved that Cindy said she did was scrolling on her phone before bed. It actually makes me sleepy if I have the phone light all the way on low. Anyways, best wishes to you!! It will come back again I promise!!

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                  aww thanks for comforting me. I was also searching high and low over the internet to find mummies suffering from the same as me. All my other “real life” mummy friends didn’t have this problem and they could sleep so well. The sentence “Nap when your baby nap” didn’t annoy me so much until now. With my first baby i could really sleep whenever and wherever. I feel like for me its going to be a long road ahead too as my fear response towards not sleeping is very strong and i think with a fear like this it will take sometime to desensitize myself and to retrain my brain to think differently. YES I used to scroll phone so much before I sleep prior to having this sleep issues! I have went back to doing this now! It makes me relax abit more before bedtime! Thank you so much! I will hold on to the hope that it will get better and i will be back to normal!

                Viewing 7 posts - 31 through 37 (of 37 total)

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