Episodes of Insomnia

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    I can be fine for 5 weeks or so and think “Ah, I’ve cracked this insomnia lark”.

    Then it starts up again – and it usually runs from 1 weeks to 3 weeks, in which every second night, maybe every third night (if I am lucky) is a totally sleepless night. Drives me mad.

    There is never any obvious stress cause. It just starts on its own. Anyone else in same boat?

    Now I know what I am supposed to do – Sleep restriction, sleep hygiene get out of bed, just accept it and lie there… all that great stuff.  I do all that!

    My challenge is how to halt that anxiety I get when I have been awake a few hours. Because when that starts, the whole night I will be awake. It’s easy to say get up and do something else – and I do, but still the anxiety is there at the fact I am being awake. I’ve tried meditation, acceptance, reading books etc…. but if there was a way to halt the feelings of anxiety… if only!


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    Similar problem here; what I do is listen to an audiobook. I do it before going to bed and I really begin falling asleep while listening, my head dropping, really difficult to stay awake. Then when I wake up in the middle of the night, I try to do the same but I’m not sleepy anymore. Eventually I give up and go back to bed to see what happens; most of the times I just stay awake, terribly tired but not sleepy. I’m not completely conscious but I think there’s some background anxiety in my head causing that. I guess going back to bed when I’m not sleepy is an error, probably it’s better to stay in the other room and try again the next night.


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    Hi Mad Max,

    I just don’t buy this guff that you have to be in your own bed. …and not watch TV

    Yes. its the ideal, but not essential.

    When my insomnia episodes are raging, the night after a night of no sleep, I will just lie on couch and watch TV from 9pm and I will fall asleep. My wife then puts a duvet on me and it’s fine. I will sleep till my first awakening, usually 2 hrs later, then I will fall asleep again, on couch. I will stay there all night, until I’ve had 5 to 6 hrs sleep, then I will get up.

    Often, during these episodes, if I had gone up to bed. Ping! I will be awake. And awake all night. It’s mad.

    Eventually, the sleeping on couch gets my sleep confidence back and I can go up to bed and sleep like a normal person. It will then be all OK for a bit until the next episode of insomnia nights comes again.

    Sleeping on couch and dropping off in front of TV can be a real aid at these times.

    In my view if it works for someone then do it!





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    This happens because obviously your own bed is what you associate most with your insomnia. It’s where it started, it’s where most of your fears began, and it’s where you’ve had all the bad nights. I have had the same problem. It started hitting me more and more when I’d sleep better in a hotel or while at my parents house one night. That’s interesting, I thought. I also slept on my couch for 2 nights after painting my room bc of the smell, and while it wasn’t the most comfortable sleep, guess what, I still slept better. I remember feeling so much less anxiety when lying down on the couch too.

    So I hear you about the couch thing you experience. How long have you been suffering in general?

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    ✘ Not a client

    It started in September 2016.


    ✘ Not a client

    Care to elaborate ?


    ✘ Not a client

    Sure, no problem.

    Started 2 and a half years ago with asthma issue – could not breathe right. Scary and hence sleepless nights.

    The asthma problem went away (seems it was caused by me breathing in some dust). But the insomnia remained. It is episodic. I can be fine for periods up to 7 weeks. Then a night of nil sleep will come and nil sleep nights then follow maybe two or three nights a week for two to five weeks. Then it goes. No obvious stresses cause the episodes to start – seems to have a life of its own.

    On any night, whether sleeping well or not, I awaken a lot in the night, but once I’ve got to sleep for first time, I can always roll over and get back to sleep again. So the problem for me is sleep onset – if it does not come, it does not come for whole night!

    Over last 6 months though, the episodes of good sleep have been getting longer and the episodes of poor sleep getting shorter, so things seem to be slowly looking up.

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