insomnia for almost 4 years,tried all,any help/support?

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    It can certainly lead to the majority of the symptons of psychosis but of course this doesn’t mean you have become psychotic.

    I feel for you as you clearly have very severe insomnia.

    I am of the belief for severe cases there is very rarely a cure (CBT-I is the only long term solution available and that seems more geared to those who can actually sleep for at least a few hours every night) and the sleep system in our bodies is so complex that any ‘drug’ that can be used without developing a tolerance will be years if not decades away from being developed.


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    Unfortunately, CBT-I is unlikely to work for you because your sleep appears to be disrupted primarily due to shift work. Ultimately the best option is to seek alternative employment that doesn’t involve working night shifts. A very distant second option would be to seek the help of a sleep disorder specialist who may be able to help reduce the havoc that shift work has on the circadian system.

    Here are a couple of resources on Shift Work Sleep Disorder (which, unlike insomnia, is a circadian rhythm sleep disorder):

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    I don’t think it’s an issue with shiftwork.

    As I mentioned I was off work for more then a year,didn’t work at all,and I couldn’t fall asleep.

    Same thing happened 2 months ago,when I didn’t work for 2 months,still no sleep.

    As for CBT-I there is no such specialist here,sadly guys I don’t live in USA.

    But I wanna know one thing there there are evidences where people became psychotic from sleep deprivation,and so I’ve been told from some psychiatrists.Is that really true?

    Sadly my immune system became so low,I got asthma,due to insomnia probably.

    First it was allergy which develop into asthma.

    I worked nighshift last night,couldn’t sleep at all,even not today.

    I am so irritated,nervous breakdowns,tired,and depressed,and I feel like I’m in some other state of mind.

    This is phisically killing me.

    Can any of you guys who recommended me the book above,take pictures of some pages,at least some which could help me out.I’d appreciate it a lot.I could send you an e-mail.


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    If you are on about the Sasha Stephens books then you can find most of what she preaches within 10 mins on Google.

    They boil down to:

    Practice good sleep hygine and stimulus control (she hates SRT though)

    Find a relaxtion technique that works for you

    Reduce anxiety

    Positive thinking

    Don’t use insomnia forums or search for cures 😉

    I am not a fan as nothing she writes wasn’t already out there for years before she came up with her ‘incredible new cure’…


    As for psychosis, Google it mate….it would suggest it the answer COULD be yes.



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    ✘ Not a client

    This could be my diagnosis,although none of the doctors told me so.

    I googled and found symptoms which are co-related with this diagnosis:

    But how do I cure this thing? :/


    ✘ Not a client

    That isn’t your problem as those afflicted by that can generally sleep normally given the opportunity but their ‘8 hours’ might be 0400 – 1200 or 1800 – 0200



    ✘ Not a client

    That wtf is my problem?Why I can’t fall asleep at all,nor at night nor over day.

    Should I check all hormones,what is only left for me?

    Something must be the cause for all these 4 years.

    I mean shiftwork is not an issue, maybe it did worsen the insomnia,but as I told you,I didn’t sleep when I was sick leave/off work for more then a year,although I did take SSRI back then.

    What worries me is dust allergy,when I think about it,because I changed rooms/flats,I couldn’t sleep back there again.When I was on vacation last year in summer for 10 days,I came at appartment dead tired,no,I can’t fall asleep.

    Seems like the brain is somehow wired,or stuck or seems like works all the time 100 % and can not shut it self down.

    I did EEG,and last doctor told me the EEG is quite normal except that I have some beta-waves which tell her I’m constantnly worried and anxious,which is obvious as she told me,cuz I don’t sleep and that is vicious circle depression-anxiety-insomnia-depression.

    How do I break that circle? 🙁


    ✘ Not a client

    So I lost conciousness today in the local caffee and fell down on the concrete.ER came and took me to nerurology.They did EEG,blodtest and sugar,all was OK.

    I felt like I’m in a dream,half dream half awake.CT of brain was luckly OK,then they said as neurology they can’t help me out,and took me to psychiatric hospital,where I’ve been told that I have severe insomnia,doctor prescribed to take me off all meds,and if sleep doesn’t return the only pill which should give me sleep is clozapine.

    But sadly I will loose job,because at this state I’m unable to go to work anymore and my superior/chief will find another worker.I cried all day long,because I tried everything and nothing seems to help me out anymore.

    I mean I lost sleep,I lost health due to lung,gut problems,chronis infections and now I will loose a job.

    What do you think about taking clozapine for insomnia guys?


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    It’s an anti psychotic and should not be used as treatment for insomnia IMO , certainly not unless all other hypnotics such as the Z drugs or Benzos have been tried…. Your choice though.

    This is a heavy duty drug…


    ✘ Not a client

    Yes I see,nothing good about this drug,but read posts of some people who had severe insomnia and clozapine helped.

    Sadly I’m afraid ending up like with zyprexa taking more and more of the drugs to get me fall asleep.

    It’s same atypical a.p.

    But psychiatirst disagree,he told me we have patients who take 300 mg daily,your dose could be 25 mg for sleep.

    Well I told him I’m not psychotic yet not schizophrenic,then he told me do you want to sleep or no?

    Can’t you see you tried all the meds on the market and nothing works anymore.

    But can’t he understand that I don’t want to take sleeping pills forever,specially a.p which makes me feeling insane and dead tired and like drunk.

    Is there another solution to end up this agony except suicide?



    ✘ Not a client

    Another post awaiting moderation, why does this randomly happen?


    ✘ Not a client

    If you feel that bad that suicide is serious option then take the drug IMO…as long as you let yourself know what you are letting yourself in for…it won’t be a long term solution.

    If you take this sort of drug for years it will mess you brain up big style.




    ✘ Not a client

    So what do you guys suggest me to do?

    There is no way I’m talking clozapine for insomnia,as it’s strog a.p. pill.

    But then again if this severe insomnia could lead me to psychosis either way clozapine is awaiting for me.

    The weird feeling I have is tiredness,like I’m in half dream-half awake state,like I’m in a fog.

    I think what happened yesterday is that I didn’t feel my legs at all when I stood up,and then fell on concrete.

    Probably my brain of all that insomnia stopped the legs.I don’t know…


    ✘ Not a client

    My two cents- if you’re suffering so much as to pass out unconscious in the middle of the day, then take the prescribed drug, at least for a while. Can anything be worse than ending up in the ER with neurologists?

    I think clozapine is lesser of the two evils, under the condition that if helps you, of course.


    ✓ Client

    Frozen Sun, I know you have said you can’t get Guy Meadows book in your country.  Perhaps listening to some of his videos would be helpful.  Basically the book could be boiled down to just a few pages about acceptance and even welcoming thoughts and feelings, not fighting them and not trying to sleep.  I like the ACT approach, but I can’t do it 100%, so what works for me is a combo of regular CBT and ACT.  Try this:


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