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    Hi. I just want to share good news that I have recovered from insomnia.
    Just July I started to lose my sleep due to a situation at work. Within one month I lost the ability to sleep altogether and had many nights of no sleep at all.
    Prior to this I’ve always slept nearly 8 hours solid every night so losing my sleep so quickly had an awful impact on me.
    I got anxiety, depression and had several panic attacks.
    The doctor prescribed several different pills which didn’t work and we eventually I settled on zopliclone and an anti anxiety tablet which together helped me to fall asleep.
    However, even with sleeping pill I had still many nights of no or just 2 hours sleep. I couldn’t understand why I was suffering so badly. Despite this I still managed to go to work, have a social life and look after the kids. Don’t know how I did it as I had no energy and low mood and I felt like I was living in a bubble.
    I also tried hypnotherapy, acupuncture and counseling but nothing really worked.
    After 5 months on the pills, my therapist told me that I had to love myself again and get out of the negative thinking cycle that I was in. So I repeated positive affirmations everyday all day long.
    Within one month I came if the pills altogether and now, 6 months on I sleep approx. 6.5 hours every night. I feel like old me as I have energy and the bubble has gone. Anxiety and depression also gone.
    Martin was great and very supportive and his CBT techniques do work so please do try it.
    For me though, it was a mental problem and once I overcame those I recovered. It’s taken a long time but I don’t think it’s something you recover from quickly.
    Please remain positive, have faith in your ability to sleep, know that you will get better, never doubt it, relax and try to enjoy life as much as you can.
    If you’re newly suffering then rest assured that you can get your sleep back.
    Remove any negative thinking in your life of you can because for me that’s what made me lose my sleep and don’t be so harsh on yourself.
    I also did meditation every day which helped.
    I still don’t sleep as much as much I used to but at least I’m no longer tossing and turning and feel like the old me. With lots of energy. I’m hoping with time that I will be able to sleep nearly 8 hours but I know it’s unlikely.
    Please contact me if you’d like to know exactly what I did to recover and I’ll be happy to help.
    Good luck all.


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    I think everyone would love to know the story of your recovery and what you think helped the most. So why don’t you just post your recovery story right here like some people do?


    Martin Reed
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    Thank you so much for sharing your success story — I’d love to have you on the Insomnia Coach Podcast in the near future to spread your message, talk more about your recovery, and provide reassurance and motivation for others who are struggling with their sleep!

    Burn — I think @Hppositive did share their recovery story and thoughts on what they found helpful. Specifically, I thought these were key insights:

    * “[Even after bad nights] I still managed to go to work, have a social life and look after the kids.”

    * “I repeated positive affirmations”

    * “CBT techniques do work”

    * “Remove any negative thinking in your life”

    * “Meditation every day”

    * “Remain positive, have faith in your ability to sleep, know that you will get better, never doubt it, relax and try to enjoy life as much as you can”

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    I am so happy for you and I bet you feel great! Mine is all mental as well and I know that. I am finding that positive affirmations do help me also. Can you tell me what were the positive affirmations you told yourself?


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    your example is inspiring! thanks for sharing.


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    This makes me cry reading this. Thank you for sharing your story. I totally can relate. Every bit of it.

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